ENDORSEMENT: San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

Dear Suzanne Till:

Congratulations! On behalf of the Executive Board of the San Diego & Imperial County Labor Council, I am pleased to inform you that you have earned the endorsement of our 125,000 member organization. Union members living and working in San Diego and Imperial Counties are placing their trust in your candidacy because of your commitment to stand up for working families. Your campaign highlights issues that are important to us, such as expanding access to healthcare, protecting the right of workers to collectively bargain, improving the standard of living for all workers, and most of all, the willingness to fight for issues important in our communities.

The American middle class was built brick by brick by the hard work of our parents, grandparents and the unions that represented them. Those actions, along with the struggle to elect political leaders with the courage to fight alongside them, paved the way for the 40-hour work week, paid vacations, livable wages, and retirement plans. Today, the middle class is being systematically dismantled. There are efforts to strip many of those hard-won gains through the legislative process. Now, more than ever, we need courageous leaders willing to stand together to ensure working people have a voice in their worksites, communities and in the political process. Only then can we restore economic equality and bring change to our communities for generations to come.

We are proud to offer you our endorsement and, most of all, the support or our members. We look forward to standing side-by-side with you as we fight for policies that improve the lives of ALL workers. In the near future, we would like to schedule a time to meet with you and your staff team.

If you have any questions, please contact Katelyn Hailey at [email protected].

In Solidarity,

Keith Maddox
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO

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